4lz-2 Wheat Reaper Harvester with Unique Threshing Cylinder and Rotor

Product Detail


Basic Info

  • Model NO.:4LZ-2 2018

  • Type:Vertical Cut Harvester

  • Application:Wheat

  • Power Source:Diesel

  • Application Field:Agriculture

  • Feeding:2kg/S

  • Dimension(Mm):6440*2850*3280

  • Total Weight(Kg):4750

Product Description

4LZ-2 wheat reaper harvester with unique threshing cylinder and rotor
Main features:
1. Used for harvesting wheat
2. Unique threshing cylinder and threshing rotor
3. Reel stepless speed change
4. The fan auxiliary cylinder can perform the secondary handling of residual
5. The adjustable elongated tail sieve
6. Fully hydraulic turning & stepless speed change walk device
7. Large amount of commonly used parts are used for the machine to
Facilitate the purchase of parts as well as maintenance for users
Main structure:
The 4LZ-2 harvester is composed of header, crossbridge, threshing unit, separating and cleaning unit, chassis, engine,
Driver's cab, hydraulic pressure unit as well as the electrical system.
The header is located in the front of the machine, forming T shape with the threshing device. The header is used for cutting and transmitting crops, and the up and down of the header and the reel is controlled by hydraulic pressure system.
The threshing and cleaning unit comprises of threshing, separating, cleaning and seeds transmitting devices etc, and is used to thresh, separate, clean and transmit seeds to the grain tank. The unit will form the stalk in strips and discharge husk into ground.
The chassis and the walk section of the machine is the specific self-propelled chassis, including front axle, rear axle, driving wheel, gear-box, walk stepless speed device and steering wheel. The combination of gear-box and the walk stepless speed change device would ensure the realization of stepless speed change when the machine is driven at the speed of 1.55~20.51km/h.
The engine is diesel engine located in the upper side of the cleaning chamber, and the engine is used for driving the walk of the machine and the operation of parts.
The hydraulic pressure system consists of hydraulic pressure pump, single way stable by-pass valve, multi-way valve, hydraulic pressure cylinder and pipelines.
The electrical system consists of lines, combined instrument, combined switch, electromagnetic pump, all sorts of lamps, sensor and accumulator.
The driver's cab contains operation system and instrument system used for operating and monitoring the work and movement of the harvester.
Technical parameters:
Feeding amount(kg/s)
Cutting width(mm)
Min ground clearance(mm)
Structure & type
Wheeled self-propelled full feeding
Supporting power(kw)
Throughput of working hour(hm2/h)
Fuel consumption of per hectare(kg/hm2)
Advancing speed during work(km/h)
External dimension L*W*H (mm)
Total weight(kg)
Loss ratio(%)
Wheat≤ 1.5 paddy≤ 3.0
Breakage ratio(%)
≤ 2.0
Impurity ratio(%)
≤ 2.0
1. How can we learn to drive this harvester?
Answer: You are welcome to our factory, and then we will supplier room and board for you all free.
2. Do we have to buy quick-wear parts with the machine?
Answer: Yes and we will send you some parts free of charge.
3. Is there any discount price?
Answer: Discount is according to the quantity you purchase.
4. How is the quality of the harvesrter?
Answer: We have been in this field for many years and can supply high quality harvester for you.

You just have to change the quick-wear parts timely.