Anon Paddy Use Gasoline and Disel Engine An4k50 Wheat and Rice Reaper Binder for Sale

Basic Info

Model NO.:SDY Brand 4K-50Application:Cotton, Rice, Corn, Fruit, Wheat, Soybean, Tubers, Straw, Pepper
Power Source:DieselHarvest method:Cutting
Drive Type:Gear DriveTransmission:Hard Shaft
Portable Harvester Type:Side Hanging TypeCertification:UL, CE
Application Field:Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture, ForestryProductivity:1000--2000m Reaper Binder for Sale
Rope Type:Plastic Rope Reaper Binder for SaleEngine:6HP Mitsubishi Gasoline Reaper Binder for Sale
Crops Convey Way:Sprocket Reaper Binder for SaleCutting-Platform Type:Vertical Reaper Binder for Sale
Bind Way:Full Automatic Reaper Binder for SaleThe Total Loss Rate:≤1%
Cutting Width:500mmReliability:≥90%
Keyword:Reaper Binder for SaleTrademark:ANON

ANON Paddy use gasoline and disel engine AN4K50 wheat and rice reaper binder for sale
Product Description
Brief introduction ofreaper binder for sale
The rice reaper binder machine is a kind of man-holding & self-walking harvesting machine. It's the new product with the advanced technology and own patent right in China,with the renovated surface, strengthened applicability, improved performance, better reliability and optimized technical structure. The machine is mainly used to harvest and bind grain and wheat.
In addition to cutting the small-grain crop, it would also tie the stems into small bundles, or sheaves.
 Specification ofreaper binder for sale :





 Total weight




 Bundled way

automatic mechanical

 Rope type

  plastic rope

 Cutting table way


 Cutting width


 Cutting form


 Fu Wo ways


 The total loss rate


 Bundle rate


 Cutting height


 Root distance




 Unit fuel consumption




Detailed Images
Main parts ofreaper binder for sale
1.Compact structure,Small volume,Easy to operate,Flexible steering, Self-equipped engine,can moving, control crops, harvest, bind and place the crops automatically.
2.The machine equipped with 2+1 compound gearbox and tension wheel clutch,variable speed flexible and easy to move.
3.Hydraulic outlay Cutting-Platform oil supply system,
4.The crop supporting system used tilting convey finger transmission,have significant effect to transmit and harvest the tilting and lodging crops.
5.It's with transformation differential device,slewing flexible.Adapt to harvest crops in different terrain.
6.Can adjustable handle and optional gears suitable for different people.
Different angles ofreaper binder for sale
 7The most important fact about our factory is that we always wishes to do extraordinary compared to other firms.This fact mostly keeps us ahead of our competitors by a huge margin. Apart from the quality products manufacturing we also keep our rates very reasonable so that no body has to choose between quality & prices.
Features ofreaper binder for sale
8. The machine is mainly consisting of a frame, a power box, a chain wheel, a cutting chain,a transmission shaft and adelivery chain.
9. The armrest can adjustable for tuning left, right, up and down for fitting with persons with different height to operate.
10.With a stepless speed change device, there by allowing the differential brake turn, small turn radius and flexible turning.
It is very economical, efficient, practical, light weight, flexible easy operation.
11.This type of harvester is like a lawnmower, and it's small in size so a woman can pushed it by hand through the row.
Product Effects
The aplication ofreaper binder for sale
 Adapt crop height:700-1200mm.
 Grain moisture content:wheat12%-22%. rice15%-28%.  
 It could be used to bind and harvest low stem crops such as Wheat ,Rice ,Barley ,Oats etc.
Advantages ofreaper binder for sale
1Fuselage, light weight, small volume, both men and women are able to operate freely
2Japan mitsubishi engine adopts 6 horsepower engine, easy to start, low fuel consumption
3Walk paddy wheel is widened, the ground base area is larger, inner tube, can be used inflatable. With differential device, can be turn around in situ
4The control handlebar can be freely adjusted around 180°, vertical 30°adjustable, more flexible to operate in different field .
5The header working principle is the same with combine harvester, it can harvester lodgy crops
6Baling wire adopts special plastic,Can withstand 40 n pulling force,Effectively guarantee the rate of bundles,And sunscreen, anti-aging,In the market the normal plastic rope tension is not enough,Uneven thickness,Use this machine must buy special banding rope,Otherwise there is no guarantee of bundles
7Driving type: shaft, torque is bigger, more efficient
8In order to feedback the masses of users ,We are glad to offer free Baling wire 5 bundles, 1 set of tools and other easy broken parts for free with the machine
Packaging & Shipping
1. All machines, which is less than a full container, are packed by the standard wooden case for exporting. So it is safe and strong enough for a long journey from our factory to your place.
2. If all the machines are shipped by a full container, the container will be loaded in our factory by our workers. Also, all the machines will be fixed onto the container
Sales Area ofreaper binder for sale
How to pay for ANONreaper binder for sale ?
We accept different method for payment, just like TT, LC, Western union, escrow,etc. You just need to choose one which is conveninet and safe for you.
Any question, pls contact us 0086 13554376479

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Our Services
Our services of reaper binder for sale
1. Pre-sale:
We can recommend more suitable machine and givebest solutions for you according to 
your requirements 
2. Sale:
Keep closed contact with workers, supervise production quality and progress.
Booking space before delivery a week ago, then we will give you related documents. 
3. After-sale 
Vulnerable parts: offer based on their prime cost during one year.
Invulnerable parts: offer for free during one year. 
After one year, offer vulnerable and invulnerable parts with factory prices.
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