1lz-3.6 Once-Cover Tillage Machine Working Width 3.6m


1lz-3.6 Once-Cover Tillage Machine Working Width 3.6m Basic Info.


Model NO.:many


Type:Once-Over Tillage Machine


Application Field:Agriculture


Power Source:Tractor


Traction Type:Tractor


Tillage Machinery Certification:ISO9001



Tillage Machinery Specification:many


Origin:Shan Dong China


1lz-3.6 Once-Cover Tillage Machine Working Width 3.6m Product Description

    Once-over tillage machine
The Once-over tillage machine can complete the pulverize/Smash/Shatter , soil transporting, soil mixing, leveling before sowing, repression, and can be directly prepared flat seedbed, they can improve the efficacy, reduce the cost. After stubble ploughing, the organic soil quality contents rise, soil structure improves, the field improves.
The machine is suitable for growing out robust crop, and the same time you can Obtain greater benefits, All of these can be achieved depends on 1LZ series joint tillage machine, Working width from three point six meters to 7.2m, it can be content with different customer's requirement.
Technical parameters:

Overall dimensions(mm)L   6600  660066007000
Max. Working width (m)
Working depth(mm)80-14080-14080-14080-140
No. Of disc(PC)42506484
Disc of Type (mm)460×3460×3460×3460×3
Disc spacing(mm)170170170170
Trans. Clearance(mm)≥160
Matched power(Hp)≥65≥80≥100≥120

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