8HP Diesel Hand Tractor Farm Tractor Agriculture Tractor Diesel Walking Tractor

Basic Info

Type:Multifunctional Pastoral Manage Machine
Application Field:AgricultureFarming Policy:Dry Cultivating Machinery
Power Source:DieselOperation:Continuous Running Operation, Arable Machinery

Structure weight: 350 kg
Working weight (with rotavator): 395kg
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 2700mmx 960mm x 1220mm
Number of blades: 16PCS
Rototilling width: 700mm
Travelling speed: Forword 2.19, 3.62, 5.79, 7.37, 12.20, 19.48Km/h
Reverse 3.58, 12.03 Km/h
Type size: 6.00-12
Wheel track: 650~790(normally use 790)mm
Min. Ground clearance: 214mm
Min. Turning radius: 0.9 m with no rotavator
Model of engine : R190N
Type of engine : Horizontal 4-stroke
Bore x stroke : 90× 90 mm
Total displacement: 0.598 L
Compression ratio: 18: 1
Turing speed of crankshaft: 2400 rpm
1-hour rated output: 8/10.88 KW/hp
12-hour rated output: 7.35/10KW/hp
Specific fuel consumption: Less or equal to 281.4 g/kw. H
Specific lube oil consumption: Less or equal to 2.04 g/kw. H
Cooling mode: Condenser (Radiator)
Type of tractor : Single axle, dual-purpose for both traction & drive
Main farm implements (optional): Anti-skid steel wheel Model 100-640
Single-furrow plough Model 1LS-125
Sprinkler Model 50BPZ-45
Swather/reaper Model 4GL-100
Trailer 7C-0.8 (Standard)

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