Agricultural Peanut Harvester Machine

Agricultural Peanut Harvester Machine Basic Info

  • Model NO.: LM-1000

  • Application: Cotton, Rice, Corn, Fruit, Wheat, Soybean, Tubers, Straw

  • Harvest method: Vibration fall

  • Reaper Transmission: Soft Shaft

  • Certification: SGS

  • Condition: New

  • Reaper Dimension(L*W*H): 1600*1400*1180mm

  • Specification: CE, ISO, OEM

  • Type: Portable Harvester

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Reaper Drive Type: Vee belt

  • Portable Harvester Type: Backpack Type

  • Color: Blue

  • Reaper Application Field: Agriculture

Agricultural Peanut Harvester Machine Product Description

Agricultural Tiller Peanut Harvester Machine


Dimension (MM)


Auxiliary power (KW)




Fan speed (N/MIN)


Vibrating screen frequency ( HZ)




Threshing rate(%)

98 Min

Breakage rate(%)

2 max

Impurity rate(%)

2 max

Loss rate(%)

2 max

Agricultural Peanut Harvester Machine Features:

Automation: semi-automatic
Applicable objects: Peanut
Application: peanut picker
Automatic bagging peanut picker is powered by a small tractor or a electric motor,
directly put the harvested peanut seedlings and peanuts separation fully feed in the peanut machine one-time processing separation. Peanuts and seedlings will rotate through the machine and separated automatically. Peanuts fell on vibration sieve and transported to
the side of the machine, meanwhile the mixed leaves and weeds simultaneously
blown outwardby the fan, the remaining seedlings will discharge from the discharge
port. During this process, the peanut breakage rate less than 1%. Processed peanut seedlings clean and complete, processed peanuts clean and does not contain peanut
seedlings, leaves, branches, the broken fruit rate lower than 1%. This set of
products is simple and flexible, easy to use and fast, and low breakage rate.
The machine reduces the amount of work, time and effort and high efficiency.
It is farmer's good assistant,  farmer friends are welcome to choose this machine.

Agricultural Peanut Harvester Machine Guarantee Service

1. professional value-added technical support
2. warm before-sales & after-sales service
3. warranty period of 24 months or 1200 operating hours for diesel generators.
3. warranty period of 12 months or 1000 operating hours for gasoline generators.

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