Farm Managing Machine Efficiency Doubled

Farm Managing Machine Efficiency doubled

The relationship between farm management machine and agricultural development

With the popularity of agricultural mechanization, farm management machine gradually into the farmers, farmers use farm management machine to cultivate management of pastoral, save time and effort convenient, farm management machine from geographical conditions, investment is not equivalent to a motor The price of the car, farm management machine by changing the relevant configuration can be completed field sowing weeding, orchard plowing fertilizers pumping and other agricultural activities, so that the labor intensity of farmers greatly reduced efficiency doubled.

Today, as workers in labor costs are getting higher and higher, farmers are in desperate need of a machine that can replace a lot of labor to complete more field labor. The emergence of pastoral management machine, as a new type of development of agricultural machinery products, has been gradually accepted by farmers to solve the interests of farmers in the immediate interests.

Farm management machine for field farming, furrow ridge, can also be used for vegetable greenhouses, nursery, orchards, tea garden management, loved by the majority of users. Turbine vortex drive, belt tension, advance and retreat complete, front wheel drive, making the operation more relaxed. Suitable for sandy, cash crops planted soil, cultivated and weed.

Multi-functional pastoral management machine is divided into diesel and gasoline points, diesel engine prices are relatively expensive, but the per acre can save oil money 3-4 yuan; gasoline pastoral management machine prices low, start relatively harder than diesel. In short, the emergence of pastoral management machine is to help farmers solve the problems on farming, saving time, effort, provincial costs, is a real farmer get rich good helper.

Adjust the farm management machine to turn the soil first to see how the soil of this land, this is the basic conditions. Because the soil is different, the depth of the farm management machine is different. In general, the black soil, he loose soil, can be appropriate deep turn, which need to adjust the rotation when the use of the deadline, so that he down as far as possible, the soil on the deep turn.

There are loess, clay spinning should be more shallow, such soil compaction is more serious, very hard soil, it is best to deepen year by year, this kind of soil to be replaced by the manufacturers of professional clay clay knife, the first time to do as much as possible depth In about 20 cm should not be too deep.

Rotary tillage can be divided into front or rear type, front type refers to the rotary tillage on the ditch pitch knife position, the handle rotation 180 degrees, adjust the depth of the control rod to control his depth, Install the rotary tiller in the position of the running wheel, remove the front gearbox, install the resistance rod for rotary tillage

The difference between pastoral management and walking tractors

The pastoral management machine with the difference has a title, is the "universal management machine", is specifically for the orchard, vegetable land, greenhouse, hills and slopes and small land to operate the design of agricultural products. This garden management machine supporting more than 20 kinds of equipment, can engage in nearly 40 farm operations! We can see this title is simply bad reputation ah! So what is the difference between the pastoral management machine and the traditional walking tractor?

The most obvious difference, pastoral management body compact, people can not ride, turn flexible, horsepower is also small, low cost, more suitable for greenhouse operations. The walking tractor, horsepower large, large size, people can ride driving, and stalls and more, generally suitable for earth operations.

 Pastoral management and walking tractors are used in all aspects of agriculture, such as dry land rotary tillage, paddy field rotation, pumping, transportation, threshing, ditching, spraying, spraying, harvesting, power generation. Can be widely meet the hills, mountains, greenhouses, orchards, paddy fields and other different areas of agronomic needs. The pastoral management machine is more compact and flexible, easy to operate, low noise, low emissions, so more popular.