Farm Managing Machine Follow The Operating Procedures

Farm Managing Machine Follow the operating procedures

The manager of the farm management

Farm management machine as an important tool for our lives is of great significance, then the farm management machine you know how much? Xiaobian today with you talk about the attention of the farm management machine.

1, carefully understand the farm management machine instruction manual, master the structure and performance of the farm management machine, should not be swallowed, self-righteous, can not act as "knowledgeable."

2, the operation of the farm management machine to follow the operating procedures, maintenance farm management machine to pay attention to methods, should not be so-so, can not fool.

3, farm management machine limited function, the provisions of the truck speed, should not "small horse pull cart", greedy small loss.

4, determined to operate the faulty farm management machine, once the farm management machine is faulty, to immediately stop the operation, timely maintenance and maintenance.

Farm management machine is my company mainly engaged in the product, on the farm management machine you know how much, may wish to let Xiaobian for you to do a detailed answer to the development trend of farm management machine.

1, the operation is more simple: the handle to the handle, forward and backward speed adjustment more convenient.

2, the choice of strong adaptability of the engine: low noise, less emissions, strong and strong adaptability of the engine will be more applied.

3, multi-functional: continue to support new equipment, add new features, in the improvement of agricultural functions on the basis of gradually to the city garden, gardening field expansion, such as matching grass, snow, branches and leaves crushing machine, etc. At present, Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of cooperation and development of its leading model TG4 supporting a variety of gardening equipment.

4, the replacement of parts quickly: In order to reduce the operator's labor intensity and save the replacement of agricultural machinery with the time, the farm management machine and supporting the use of fast articulation device, the replacement of agricultural tools simple and fast. Do not let the engine run at high speed, avoid overloading, otherwise it will shorten the life of the diesel engine, the winter weather is cold, if the diesel engine is not easy to start, can be in the engine in the run before the run-in, run in the initial 20 hours before use, Remove the fuel filler plug on the cylinder cover before starting, add 2 ml of oil to the inside. After the engine starts, run in the idle state for 1-3 minutes, check the operation is smooth, with or without abnormal sound, and then open the door to the maximum, adjust the valve opening to achieve the required speed.

    According to the soil, choose the appropriate tillage and resistance rod height, under normal circumstances, the soil loosely choose fast file, resistance bar increased in order to facilitate the cultivation of several times. Soil harder selection slow, resistance bar down, while in farming, in the handrail to increase the downward pressure, in order to achieve a certain depth of cultivation.