Farm Managing Machine Low Speed Load Operation

Farm Managing Machine Low speed load operation

Although the use of farm management machine is now considered a very wide, but there are still a lot of people do not have a good way to maintain the correct maintenance, so that it can not fully play the role of the machine, so quickly with Xiao Bian to understand about it:

1, the engine starts to stop after the first 5 minutes of heat operation, in the engine is not hot before the low-speed load operation, not high-speed full load operation or low-speed no-load operation.

2, to select the appropriate oil, if the use of oil grades inappropriate, will cause the piston ring bonding, burning piston ring;

3, if the fuel into the water and dirt, will lead to the operation is not normal or can not work. Now soon to enter the winter, the temperature will become increasingly low, so we must do a good job antifreeze work, so as to be able to better use the farm management machine, specifically how to do, take a look at it;

First of all to do in the winter to park it into the shed, the car into the library, if there is no warehouse and had to park in the open air, the locomotive should be south to park, and in the fuselage covered with rain cloth.

Second is to do a good job of fire prevention work, it is best to use 0 below the diesel, or winter will freeze, refueling can not use the fire barbecue to prevent oil drums wounding or causing a fire.

It is best to do a good job in winter protection, should do a good job of anti-skid work, in the winter driving farm management machine, the general should be equipped with anti-skid chains or triangular wood. Snow and ice weather, you can spread some sand in the snow and ice on the road, to properly control the speed, the brake should be slow to run, the angle should be as large as possible, quite a car to pay attention to choose a safe place. In fact, the operation of the farm management machine is a very simple thing, if the relevant experience of the machine operation will be, even if there is no operation of the people, look at the manual practice

It will be, so it is suitable for use in agriculture, because there is not much technical requirements, then the novice in the operation how to do it?

When you move forward, place the clutch handle in the disengaged position, use the shift lever to select the [HIGH] or [LOW] position, and lift the throttle switch handle slightly to raise the engine speed,

The handle of the handle slowly placed in the [Hop] position, make it forward; turn, the use of handrail to push the way to make it turn; shift, the clutch handle on the [away] position,

And then change the shift lever to the required gear, and finally the clutch handle slowly into the [from] the position, after the speed forward; stop the clutch handle on the [away] position, so that micro

Till the machine to stop running, then the throttle switch handle on the [small] position, turn off the engine. Farm management machine after the end of the operation, to timely the necessary tightening and component adjustment, many places to use for some time, some parts of the gap will gradually increase, have to make the necessary adjustments.

 Part of the farm management machine clutch, reverse gear, throttle, steering and so are through the cable operation, and the cable is easy to deformation and elongation, so by adjusting the screw in time to adjust. There are gears of the shaft of a shaft, two-axis, two pairs of conical gears and other use for some time, will have a certain gap, a shaft, two shafts through the tight back screw to adjust the two tapered gears by increasing the steel Gasket to adjust.

 Also here to remind everyone that the farm management machine which the engine screws do not easily tighten it, mainly those directly on the aluminum alloy shell screws.