Long Life Peanut Harvester/Potato Harvester with Best Price

Long Life Peanut Harvester/Potato Harvester with Best Price Basic Info

  • Model NO.: peanut harvester

  • Application: Peanut,Potato

  • Harvest method: Picking

  • Reaper Transmission: Hard Shaft

  • Certification: UL, QS

  • Condition: New

  • Material: Carbon Steel

  • Reaper Working Height: 20mm

  • Damage: <2%

  • Dimension(L*W*H): 900*750*700mm

  • Row: Single

  • Specification: ISO9001: 2008

  • Type: Portable Harvester

  • Reaper Power Source: Diesel

  • Drive Type: Gear Drive

  • Portable Harvester Type: Side Hanging Type

  • Color: Blue

  • Application Field: Agriculture

  • Power: 0

  • Weight: 100kg

  • Working Width: 600mm

  • Speed: 1000rpm

Long Life Peanut Harvester/Potato Harvester with Best Price Product Description

mini peanut harvester
1.This potato harvester is used for harvesting rhizomes crops like potato,garlic,peanut,carrot,
2. The potato harvester features high efficiency, low failure rate, smooth running without
 vibration, simple structure and long service life, etc.
3. There is no grass blocking or clod leakage during working.
4. With the anti-grass-winding device,the harvester can harvest even in the farmland with more weeds.
5.The residual agricultural film can be extracted so as not to affect growth of subsequent crops. 
6.With ISO certificate and international technology. 
Technical parameters mini peanut harvester:



 Rowing space



 0.5-0.85 acre/h



 House power


 Working depth:


 Working width


 Gain rate


 Loss weight




1.Hang the harvester on the tractor which is 15-20hp.Connecting the output pulley of the tractor and the input pulley of the harvester by vbelt at the same time.Rolling the pulley by hands and see if there is blocking. If there is blocking, should be eliminated immediately. 
The pinch roller press on the belt to avoid loose during the process of  elevating.
2. When operate the unequipped machine, make sure of operating stability and smoothly 
3. Before starting to work, adjusting the height of the round,make sure that the digging height is 10-15cm.
4. When operation, check the operation quality every time. Adjusting the speed according to growth of corp and operation quality guarantee the beat harvesting.

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