Power Tiller Agricultural Appliances

power tiller Agricultural appliances

The importance of micro - tillage machines in the agricultural machinery industry

According to statistics, China's agricultural machinery enterprises have a lot, in addition to a number of state-controlled enterprises, as well as private enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, tractors and accessories, mechanized farm tools and horticultural machinery, agricultural and sideline products processing and special equipment, agricultural machinery parts Belonging to agricultural machinery enterprises.

Self-propelled micro-cultivator products and the introduction of agricultural products market, although only a few short years, but the development is very rapid, this year I have sold 5,000 units. "With reliable quality, advanced technology and quality service, our company in the agricultural market development space is huge." Micro-farming machine use and maintenance

Micro-farming machine, a new era of agricultural equipment, with light weight, small size, simple structure and other characteristics, the application is very light, fast, is being accepted by the majority of farmers friends.

Tillage machines can be applied to plains, mountains, hills, drylands, paddy fields, orchards. With the corresponding equipment can be pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying and other operations, but also traction trailer for short-distance transport, micro-farming machine with flexibility, can be free exercise in the field, user-friendly and storage, eliminating the need for large Agricultural machinery can not enter the mountain plots of trouble, for farmers in the busy season to save a lot of time.

Good equipment, only good maintenance can be used for a long time, again, Xiao Bian for everyone to introduce a few micro-farming machine maintenance methods.

1, micro-farming machine to pay attention to oil. Micro-farming machine engine oil, must be qualified diesel engine oil, and in strict accordance with the working hours of refueling, run-in period of 15-20 hours after the replacement of oil, the second time in the work of 50 hours, the third time in the work of 100-150 hours , Gearbox must also use diesel oil, can not use gear oil. Because micro-tillage machines are light-weight machines, low-concentration light-duty oil must be used.

2, micro-farming machine in time to make the necessary tightening and adjustment, micro-farming machine in the use of a period of time, some travel and clearance will increase, the user to make the necessary adjustments.

3, micro-tillage maintenance, after cleaning every day after use, and tighten the screws, correct deformation in time, in the winter to be anti-rust treatment. With the popularization of agricultural mechanization, micro-farming machine gradually into the farmers, farmers use tillage machines to cultivate management of pastoral, save time and effort convenient, micro-farming machine from geographical conditions, investment is not equivalent to an electric The price of the car, the micro-tiller can change the relevant configuration to complete the field sowing weeding, orchard plowing fertilizers and other agricultural facilities, so that the labor intensity of farmers greatly reduced, the efficiency doubled.

Today, as workers in labor costs are getting higher and higher, farmers are in desperate need of a machine that can replace a lot of labor to complete more field labor. The emergence of pastoral management machine, as a new type of development of agricultural machinery products, has been gradually accepted by farmers to solve the interests of farmers in the immediate interests.

Micro-tillage for field farming, furrow ridge, can also be used for vegetable greenhouses, nursery, orchards, tea garden management, loved by the majority of users. Turbine vortex drive, belt tension, advance and retreat complete, front wheel drive, making the operation more relaxed. Suitable for sandy, cash crops planted soil, cultivated and weed.