Power Tiller Agricultural Machinery

power tiller Agricultural machinery

China has a saying: "Spring will not busy, autumn and face hungry." Micro-farming machine is essential for farmers in the spring season, agricultural machinery, micro-farming machine in the use of the machine will show a different problem, then how Dispose of these problems? Following the mechanical look at the micro-farming machine hair machine to identify and solve the problem:

First, the micro-tillage machine to start the machine to check and remove the problem

1. Check the air filter can be infested, the cleaning method is to clean the filter

2. Check the exhaust pipe can flow, the congestion is serious when the elimination of carbon deposition.

3. Check whether the engine oil can be transformed or reduced, the disposal method is to change or make up oil.

4. Check whether the engine can be tightened, the disposal method is to change the piston ring.

5. If the diesel engine, check the fuel time and valve clearance can be correct, and then stop the adjustment.

6. If the gasoline engine, check the ignition angle can fit the request, whether the oil or oil and so on.

As a kind of medium-sized agricultural machinery, the micro-tiller has also brought a series of problems while promoting the development of agriculture. The micro-tillage machine is very familiar with its performance and operation method. Mechanical accident or personal injury.

Micro-farming machine to give full play to its role, we must pay attention to the following:

1, the new machine to buy back, first of all to clean up the engine and variable speed residual oil, residual oil is the factory debugging products with oil, the oil system re-use of oil, very clean, containing a lot of water, sediment and iron Debris, long-term use will make the equipment quickly damaged, or even pull the cylinder.

2, before the start of the engine, to be pushed back and forth in the open space, master the file and clutch the skills, especially to be familiar with the function and role of the clutch. The role of the clutch with high-speed speed of the car clutch, has an important role.

3, the emergence of an emergency, the first to enable the clutch, cut off the power supply, and then deal with related issues. Many of the casualties of the accident are abnormal machine work, the clutch is not cut off, power to continue to supply, resulting in accident should occur casualties.

With the popularity of agricultural mechanization, micro-farming machine gradually into the farmers, farmers use micro-tillage to cultivate management of pastoral, saving time and effort convenient, micro-farming machine from geographical conditions, investment is not equivalent to an electric The price of the car, the micro-tiller can change the relevant configuration to complete the field sowing weeding, orchard plowing fertilizer and other agricultural activities, so that the labor intensity of farmers greatly reduced efficiency doubled. The following are the same as the "

Today, as workers in labor costs are getting higher and higher, farmers urgently need a machine that can replace a lot of labor to do more field work. The emergence of pastoral management machine, as a new type of development of agricultural machinery products, has been gradually accepted by farmers to solve the interests of farmers in the immediate interests.