Power Tiller Idle Maintenance

power tiller Idle maintenance

Electric tillage machine maintenance of small knowledge and skills to share with you

Electric work machine to small diesel engine or gasoline engine as a driving force, with light weight, small size, simple structure and so on. Micro-cultivators are widely used in plains, mountains, hills, dry land, paddy fields, orchards and so on. With the corresponding equipment can be pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying and other operations, but also traction trailer for short-distance transport, micro-farming machine can be free exercise in the field, user-friendly and storage, eliminating the need for large agricultural machinery can not enter Mountain plots of trouble, is the majority of farmers to replace cattle farmers the best choice. Then the electric tillage machine in the idle when how to maintain it?

Electric tillage machine idle period of conservation knowledge:

(1) low-speed operation of the engine 5 minutes, after the exclusion of oil, add new oil.

(2) Remove the fuel cylinder on the engine cylinder cover, add 1 ~ 2 two oil.

(3) hold down the engine decompression handle, pull the recoil starting rope 2 to 3 times (but not the car). And then put the pressure relief handle back to the compressed position, slowly pull the rope until you feel the pressure so far.

(4) the machine should be washed and dried, parked in dry noise, safe location.

 Electric grinder clutch clutch is a clutch clutch, release the handle, clutch in a separate state, greatly improving the safety of the operation. Flexible operation, adjustable handle up and down, cultivated land depth adjustable. Small size, light weight, work time and effort. Economy is good, very low fuel consumption, the right price. Applicable scope, can be widely applied to greenhouses, mountains, hills and plain plots rotary tillage. This machine is suitable for loam, clay, light clay, water field, not suitable for soil roots, weeds, stones more land.

  The rotary tiller is the installation of the soil to stop the tillage operation. It is the most important agricultural equipment for the tillage machine. After the rotary tiller is fixed to the main body of the tailstock, with the middle chain box and the host gearbox power output shaft connection, the host power transmission to the rotary tiller transmission box; rotary tiller itself designed to have a clutch and positive and reverse conversion mechanism The Operation, whether it is greenhouses or low fruit trees, just raw places, are used to operate before the rotary tillage. The rotary shaft can be stopped directly by the drive shaft. The demand is noted that, due to the difference between the soft and hard plots and the required tillage, the demand adjusts the length of the resistors to control; the deeper the insertion, the greater the resistance to the air, the slower the speed of the rotary tiller Deepened, and vice versa. This machine is divided into 60 cm and 90 cm, the tillage is about 8-14 cm. Ordinary mu of land, half an hour to be able to complete.