Power Tiller Independent Drive System

power tiller Independent drive system

An overview of the editor

The small and multi-functional micro-tillage machine in China adopts 2.20 ~ 5.88 kW diesel engine or gasoline engine as the supporting power, the independent transmission system and the walking system are adopted, and a host can be equipped with a variety of farm tools. Able to complete small tillage soil preparation, planting, open ditch, ridging, hoe weeding, fertilizing soil and spraying operation, also can undertake short-distance transport, can satisfy the requirement of the modernization of rural small operations at present stage.

Scope editing

The following areas are applicable: 1. The cultivation of economic crops such as vegetable hushed and potato, tobacco, tea and medicinal materials; Planting flowers, gardening and nursery beds; 3. Lawn, greening engineering and pasture planting; 4. Planting of orchards and vineyards.

Applicability editor

China's cultivated land terrain is complex, especially the mountainous area, hilly and small area paddy fields, so the promotion of microtillage is an important means to realize agricultural mechanization. With further deepen the rural household contract responsibility system, agriculture economic crops planting scale and the further popularization of the technology of agriculture PengShi, micro tillage machine promotion is in line with China's national conditions, is also solve the problem of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", is a powerful tool to comprehensive mechanization of agriculture in our country.

Basic working principle editor

The rotary tillage part is the most commonly used tillage part of the microplowing machine. The horizontal arrangement of the axis of rotary tillage cutter is arranged with a number of rotary tillage blades in the circumference of the cutter shaft, and the shaft transmission has two forms: intermediate and side drive. Driven by dynamic rotary tillage blade, cutting soil continuously, and the clods of cut back the toss and mud mask board and grading plate collision, after further broken again fell to the ground, the soil cutting soil and soil, the purpose of ground soil and the ground, and driven by cutting the soil reaction force in the process of micro tillage machine. In the process of cultivation, according to the cultivation condition, the operator can timely change to the size of the rail pressure, through the resistance rods tillage depth and balance of micro tillage machine, at the same time also can adjust the speed of micro tillage machine. The steering clutch is divided and the direction of the microtillage is adjusted manually.

Classification of editing

The microplowing machine is a kind of non-riding type of walking operation agricultural machinery. According to the size of power, the microplowing machine can be divided into small, medium and large scale.

Miniature microplow

A small, micro tillage machine is a machine with a power of 4.5kw. Its main components have power transmission part, walking part and working part. Because of its overall weight, appearance size, flexible operation, therefore, not only can be used in vegetable greenhouse, orchard, low crop row to hoe weeding, ridging fertilizer and spraying of liquid, and can be used for the low crops such as potato, potato, ginger, spring onion, furrowing, bunds, planting operations. During the growth period of the crop, it can also be used to fertilize the soil and spray pesticide and other management.