Power Tiller Must Be Regular

power tiller Must be regular

Tillage and maintenance of micro - tillage machines

In order to maintain the best performance of the micro-tiller, the new micro-tiller must be run-in, the use of micro-farming machine must be regularly maintained and maintained. When the start of the new grinder is the beginning of the use of the run-in stage, the throttle can not open too much, the engine must be running at mid speed (with the file farming), after 12 hours of operation, while the engine unloading engine crankcase Plug, release the oil, and then tighten the plug, from the oil port to add enough new oil, but also replace the transmission gear gear oil, micro-farming machine and gear box wear and tear, resulting in engine start difficult, fuel consumption, horsepower To cause serious damage to the machine.

Maintenance Daily maintenance Check the fuel oil of the fuel tank, the engine oil and gearbox gear oil, if the water-cooled engine, but also check the cooling water tank. Check and adjust the belt tightness. Remove surface oil, soil and weeds. Check and tighten the connecting bolts and shaft pins. In addition to the completion of the daily maintenance items, the following items should be completed: Replace the engine oil; <Clear gasoline engine fire plug electrode carbon deposition, adjust the cremation plug gap, mm 108 mm; check and adjust the valve clearance (in the cold state To adjust).

Gasoline engine: intake valve gap mm, exhaust valve gap mm

Diesel engine: intake valve clearance 0.15 mm 0.25 mm mm cleaning fuel filter cartridge and air filter filter hours maintenance in addition to 100 hours after the completion of maintenance items, but also check the tightness of the valve; check the connecting rod gap; clear the piston Surface carbon, replace the piston ring if necessary; replace the worn knife. 1) tillage depth and its stability According to the micro-cultivator space attitude and soil surface position, according to the national standard sampling method, each stroke left and right of the 10 points of the measured depth, the measured value in the computer can be real-time display, Draw a picture of the plot.

2) The width of the tillage and its stability should be measured when it corresponds to the tillage survey. The mean and standard deviation are calculated and their flatness is expressed as a standard deviation. According to the micro-farming machine attitude, according to the national standard sampling method, each trip left and right of the 10-point measurement of the width of the measured value in the computer can be real-time display, save and draw the soil tillage diagram.

3) Soil flatness in the determination of soil bulkiness in the pre-farming and after the surface line on the high point for a horizontal line as a baseline, in its proper position to take a certain width (equivalent to the width of the prototype), divided into ten Points, and in the equidistant point for the vertical line with the baseline line, the amount of the intersection of the surface line to the baseline distance. According to the data measured by the soil surface shape, select a group to calculate the mean and standard deviation, and the standard deviation of the value of its flatness.