Power Tiller Product Category As Well

power tiller Product category as well

Product types and good features are everywhere, multi-purpose micro-farming machine in the operation of the time need to pay attention to what content or matters, as follows:

    1, micro-farming machine operations other unrelated persons prohibited close or trailing.

    2, micro-farming machine operation when the driver should always look around the block to prevent accident occurred.

    3, replacement of the successor or other personnel is strictly prohibited in the operation of the block or sleep.

    4, micro-farming machine knife shaft weed winding, you must cut off the rotary tiller power, to be micro-farming machine shaft to stop running, and then remove debris.

    5, micro-farming machine to prohibit people or other heavy objects placed.

    6, the micro-tillage machine maintenance or repair, you must shut down to cut off the power and the rotary tiller landing after the release.

    7, the transfer of land, the micro-farming machine in the lifting position to use a locking device to lock it.

    8, micro-farming machine temporary parking, the micro-tiller should be landed on the ground, prohibited in the elevated position parked.

    The above is related to the product, of course, the product still has more features, would like to know more attention to this section.

What should you pay attention to when using a tiller?

   1. Micro-tillage machine Due to the long working time and the suction of the oil pump, the use of sealant, the excess glue is easy to enter the gear box, the sealant is easy to plug the oil into the oil hole, so that the crankshaft and connecting rod Effective lubrication, micro-tiller engine partial cover pad improper use of sealant must be noted.

  2. Some of the players think that a few days can also be a small tillage machine, fruit tree micro-farming machine, in fact, wear is the process of accumulation, as important as daily maintenance. Especially now the micro-farming machines are oil filter, dust larger

Once the cup is full of dust, the wear will be a few hours within the machine draw the cylinder.

  3. There is a wrong approach, that is, some users see the air cooler temperature is higher, worried about damage to the machine, with watering method to help cool. This approach is very hurt micro-farming machine, a sudden cooling water, the cylinder suddenly shrink, easy to pull the cylinder, broken ring, and even cylinder rupture. So you can not use cold water to cool the water cooler air cooler.

  4. Due to the high pressure oil pump wear, the pressure is small, the oil quantity caused by the bad atomization of diesel. Only the oil nozzle can not solve the diesel atomization bad, single-wheel micro-farming machine, the best replacement with the replacement.