Power Tiller The Tiller Can Be Applied

power tiller The tiller can be applied

In the use of micro-farming machine found that the engine is not running how to do? If the engine of the tillage machine does not run, we can:

A check whether the fuel used up, if it is, to promptly add fuel. The same time as

Second check the engine boot sequence is correct, check whether the boot plate can be used normally. The same time as

Three check the engine compression is good, the exclusion method is not pull decompression joystick, hand rotation to check the recoil.

Four if the diesel engine, check whether the fuel injection, the exclusion method is to check whether the nozzle is stuck, the fuel pipe into the air.

Five if the gasoline engine, check the ignition is normal, the oil is blocked and so on.

Tillage machines can be applied to plains, mountains, hills, drylands, paddy fields, orchards. With the corresponding equipment can be pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying and other operations, but also traction trailer for short-distance transport, micro-farming machine with flexibility, can be free exercise in the field, user-friendly and storage, eliminating the need for large Agricultural machinery can not enter the mountain plots of trouble, for the farmers in the busy season to save a lot of time.

Good equipment, only good maintenance can be used for a long time, here we introduce a few micro-farming machine maintenance methods.

1, micro-farming machine to pay attention to oil. Micro-farming machine engine oil, must be qualified diesel engine oil, and in strict accordance with the working hours of refueling, run-in period of 15-20 hours after the replacement of oil, the second time in the work of 50 hours, the third time in the work of 100-150 hours , Gearbox must also use diesel oil, can not use gear oil. Because micro-tillage machines are light-weight machines, low-concentration light-duty oil must be used.

2, micro-farming machine in time to make the necessary tightening and adjustment, micro-farming machine in the use of a period of time, some travel and clearance will increase, the user to make the necessary adjustments.

3, micro-farming machine maintenance, after cleaning every day, and tighten the screws, correct deformation in time, in the winter to be anti-rust treatment.