Power Tiller To Carry Out Loose

power tiller To carry out loose

Can be fruit trees below the hard soil loose, easy fertilization, so that the micro-tillage machine with this product can quickly and easily complete the operation, to replace the traditional farming methods of heavy way to start: hand pull easy to start micro rotary tillage machine is based on Hills, mountains, small land, large height, and inorganic tractor and design, suitable for sandy land, economic species of planting soil, cultivation and weeding widely used in field farming, furrow ridge, plastic greenhouses, tobacco, Nursery, orchard, garden management, tea and other planting operations, with light weight, small size, simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, low fuel consumption, high production efficiency can be fruit trees below the hard soil loose, easy fertilization. According to statistics, China's agricultural machinery enterprises have a lot, in addition to a number of state-controlled enterprises, as well as private enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, tractors and accessories (including tractors and accessories), the use of this product can be completed quickly and easily, , Mechanized farm tools and gardening machinery, agricultural and sideline products processing and special equipment, agricultural machinery parts belonging to agricultural machinery enterprises.

Self-propelled micro-cultivator products and the introduction of agricultural products market, although only a few short years, but the development is very rapid, this year I have sold 5,000 units. "With the reliable quality, advanced technology and excellent service, our company's development space in the micro-cultivator market is huge." After the tillage machine, the necessary tightening and parts adjustment should be carried out in time , Micro-farming machine used in a lot of places for some time, some parts of the gap will increase, the user should make the necessary adjustments.

Micro-farming machine manufacturers that part of the micro-farming machine clutch, reverse gear, throttle, steering and so are through the cable operation, and the cable is easy to deformation and elongation, so by adjusting the screw in time to adjust.

There are gears of the shaft of a shaft, two-axis, two pairs of conical gears and other use for some time, will have a certain gap, a shaft, two shafts through the tight back screw to adjust the two tapered gears by increasing the steel Gasket to adjust.

Micro-farming machine manufacturers to remind the use of the process, every day to carry out the necessary fastening. But to pay special attention to is that the engine screws do not easily tighten it, mainly those directly on the aluminum alloy shell screws.

1, micro-farming machine operators must go through professional training or familiar with the machine after the instructions can be operated, not familiar with the machine operating methods of personnel is strictly prohibited operation.

2, micro-farming machine operators should pay special attention to the safety warning signs on the machine, carefully read the contents of the logo, and express other operators.

3, micro-farming machine operators should pay attention to prevent the movement of parts caused by injury. To check whether all exposed rotary parts have been well protected.

4, micro-farming machine operators are strictly prohibited fatigue work, so as to avoid accidents.

5, micro-farming machine manufacturers to remind each time before the work must check the engine and gearbox oil is sufficient.

6, before use must check the parts and gearbox, the engine bolts are loose, off the phenomenon.

7, check the operating parts (bit) is flexible and effective.