Power Weeder Familiar With The Instruction Manual

power weeder Familiar with the instruction manual

How to use the lawnmower safely

Mower risk is relatively large, if used improperly, easily lead to personal injury or machine damage. Remind farmers to use the lawn mower when you pay attention to the following questions, and in accordance with the following paragraphs and the order of the order.

First, familiar with the instructions

Before use, familiar with the instruction manual, keep in mind the safety precautions in the manual, master the installation, adjustment, operation, maintenance methods, understand the scope and supporting power, spindle speed and other technical parameters.

Second, the installation and adjustment requirements

1, chaff machine should be placed or fixed on a solid, flat foundation. The workplace should be spacious and equipped with fire protection measures.

2, in strict accordance with the instructions specified in the matching power and speed matching motor. The power line should be made with copper conductor of not less than 6 square millimeters. The current value of the electrical conductor, socket, plug and other electrical load should not be lower than the rated current of the motor (specified in accordance with the motor manual). The power switch should be installed in the operator's range of activities, the general distance of the operator should not exceed 3 meters, and there should be no other obstacles.

3, try to use with the chaff cutter belt pulley. Do not arbitrarily change the pulley size, improve the rate of chaff cutter.

4, adjust the gap between the moving blade and the fixed knife, the gap can be grasped through the two sheets of paper is appropriate and to ensure that there is no rubbing between the knife. After adjustment, tighten the fastening bolts of each moving blade and set the knife (if necessary, use the length of the wrench handle to increase the tightening degree). After that, lock the upper case and confirm that it is secure and reliable.

5, before the motor is installed and linked to the belt before, for a short time of power, check and confirm the motor (drive wheel) rotation direction and the provisions of the same wheel after the steering (non-chaff cutter reverse run), and then linked to the belt, And adjust to make it moderate.

6, the installation of belt protective cover, feeding the bucket and other accessories. To the gearbox, bearings and other parts need to lubricate the need to add the right amount of lubricating oil.