Power Weeder Properly Maintained

power weeder Properly maintained

Most mowers simply have problems in the spring use, due to the fact that the user does not properly maintain their maintenance in the winter, assuming that the lawn mower can be properly maintained in the winter, so that it can extend its service life and prevent high Of the repair costs, to ensure its smooth work. Here I will introduce the seven main aspects of winter maintenance mower for reference.

1. Replace the consumable parts frequently. To develop the habit of checking the key components of the lawn mower, and according to the need for parts replacement. To pay special attention to the engine and the blade, the damaged blade in the work simply cause peace risk. When necessary, consider replacing the fuel filter, spark plug and air filter of the equipment, and always clean the air filter.

2. Completely clean the mower bottom, deck and tank cover. Before any maintenance, remove the spark plug wires and open the equipment, and remove the accumulated impurities from the landing gear and deck with a hose, putty knife, car cleaner. The tank cover is provided with a vent hole, which is for the air to enter the tank, with a brush to scratch the above accumulation of particulate matter to prevent the air hole blocked. The future closure of the fuel tank cover, and check whether there is a blocking phenomenon, assuming that there is a proposal to replace the fuel tank cover.

3. Eliminate oil pollution. First degreasing agent in the equipment where the oil field, put it 10 minutes -15 minutes, so that degreasing agent and oil full reaction, the future with a towel to clean it, the final water pipe to its full erosion.

4. Use spray lubricant to spray the parts of the lawnmower to prevent rusting of the parts.

5. Increase the fuel stabilizer to the latest or empty fuel tank, depending on the manufacturer's instructions.

6. Read the instructions of the lawnmower carefully and dispose of the used oil in accordance with the recommended method. Today, most of the engine repair shop and car accessories shops have waste oil free recycling program.

7. Mower does not work, it will be kept in a monotonous field to save, such as garage or carport and so on.

The working principle and classification of mower

Mower introduction: As the name suggests is used to mow is also weed, so called weeding machine, and because most of the time it is in the lawn operation, so it is called

For the lawn machine. It is now the most important tool for the construction of landscaping, with it now so beautiful lawn, people's life was more beautiful.