Power Weeder Rely On Blade

power weeder Rely on blade

Some of the common problems in handling mowers directly affect the service life of the lawn mower.

One: how to clean the lawn mower air filter?

Foam filter every 25 hours to clean once, dust should be more frequent.

Foam filter cleaning using kerosene or washing liquid and water cleaning, squeeze dry, and then soaked in oil, squeeze the excess oil can be installed. Such as printed with "DON NOT OIL & rdquo; do not have to add oil.

Paper filter is cleaned every 25 hours, dust is more frequent.

The filter is cleaned once every 25 hours with the front air filter and the paper core is cleaned once every 100 hours. Dust should be more frequent.

The cleaning of the front air filter is the same as that of the foam filter.

Paper filter should be tapped on the plane. If it is very dirty, a should be replaced or in low or no foam detergent and warm water solution; b from the inside and outside the water thoroughly washed until the water flow so far; c erected and air-dried.

Note: Can not use petroleum solvents, such as kerosene to clean the paper core. Because it may lead to deterioration of the paper core, do not put the oil on the paper core, do not use compressed air to clean or dry the paper core.

Two: mowing mowing why use a large throttle?

Rotary Mower Mower is a high-speed rotation of the blade to cut the grass, if the tip of the line speed is not enough, then the effect of cutting grass is not good. Therefore, when cutting grass with a large throttle high speed. In addition, the lawnmower carburetor and automatic speed control device to make it in the large throttle, such as no load, its fuel consumption is not high, only when its load, the speed from the no-load 3400r.pm to 2800r.pm so , No need to save fuel and use a small throttle, while cutting grass effect is not good.

Three: why oil to be replaced regularly?

Mower The correct grade of oil on the machine's role is: lubrication, cooling, cleaning, strengthen the piston seal. After the machine is used for some time, with the entry of dust in the air and the mechanical wear of the metal into the oil and oil heating, movement, its various properties will decline, if not timely replacement of oil, will accelerate the machine wear and reduce the machine Of the service life, and even cause a tile, pull the cylinder, connecting rod broken accident. Therefore, according to the provisions of the provisions of the provisions of the regular replacement of oil to ensure the normal use of the machine.

Five: why should the regular cleaning, replacement mower air filter?

Air filter is to prevent dust from entering the cylinder, to avoid dust into the cylinder after the machine parts caused by premature wear and tear, should be regularly cleaned and fixed replacement. The use of time and space in the dust will be deposited on the air filter, so that the intake air volume, combustion mixing ratio increases, resulting in incomplete combustion, power down, such a long time to produce carbon deposition, increased cylinder piston wear , Carbon deposition in the cylinder will cause the cylinder, the machine power loss. Should be promptly cleaned, replace the air filter to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, should also clean up the outer wall of the machine cylinder to ensure its cooling effect. Otherwise it will also exacerbate the machine wear.