Power Weeder Valve Components

power weeder Valve components

Mower maintenance often encounter the problem of regulating the valve, how to tune, the tone is just the beginning of contact with the lawn mower maintenance often encountered problems.

 The principle of the valve assembly of the 4-stroke lawn mower is similar to that of a gasoline engine and a motorcycle. The installation and adjustment is similar, but the accuracy of the adjustment is higher because the mower is relatively small.

  Valve installation:

 Mower cam teeth and mowers on the crankshaft teeth have a positioning point. When the crankshaft, the cam positioning point is good, and then push the piston to the top, this time, the magnetic flywheel positioning Shaw pointed to the top, the magnetic flywheel and the high pressure package just magnet and the line interval is closest.

 The next step is the adjustment of the valve. At this point as long as the valve and the rocker just transferred to close to live can. In fact, the valve and the upper arm gap is 0.02 ± 0.005 mm, the actual as long as just paste it can be, and leave the gap is due to the object of thermal expansion and contraction principle, in the engine task will be just close contact.

 The valve tightening force of the inlet and the exhaust valve changes as follows:

The gap is too large: into the exhaust valve to open later, shorten the intake and exhaust time, reducing the valve opening height, change the normal gas phase, so that the engine due to lack of intake, exhaust is not net and power down , In addition, the impact of the valve parts also increased, wear slow down.

 The gap is too small: the task after the engine, the parts heat shrink, the valve open, so that the valve closed lax, resulting in leakage, power down, and the valve sealing surface serious carbon deposition or burn, and even valve hit the piston.

 In addition, the exhaust valve gap due to heat shrinkage than the intake valve, so the gap is larger, in fact, compared with the intake valve about +0.005 mm.

 Finally, as long as the crankshaft, cam positioning anastomosis, the valve adjustment is not very difficult, as long as more than a few times to master the debugging.