Powerhouse Weeder Widely Applicable To The Field

Powerhouse weeder Widely applicable to the field

Powerhouse weed is based on hills, mountains, small plots, height difference, human design. Suitable for sandy texture, economic cultivation of pine weeding mowing, cultivation and weeding. Powerhouse weed is widely used in field farming, furrow ridge, plastic greenhouses, tobacco, nursery, orchard, garden management, tea and other planting operations, bear weeding machine with light weight, small size, simple structure, easy to operate, easy to repair , Low fuel consumption, simple and high efficiency of production and maintenance.

Machine Features:

Carrying the mowing weeding machine can be the fruit of the hard soil below the loose, easy fertilization, the use of this power weed can quickly and easily complete the operation, to replace the traditional farming methods of heavy and heavy. Composition: The main machine is composed of high-power gasoline engine, reduction gear, walking mechanism, loose knife (high manganese steel), the depth can be adjusted institutions and other components. The gasoline engine provides power and is connected to the reduction gear shaft by means of a hard shaft. Working parts by the rolling weeding, divided into two groups, driven by the reduction gear. Depth adjustment by the handle, sprocket and chain composition, through the height of the rack to achieve the depth of the adjustment of the soil.

Advantages of the machine:

1, this machine mainly for the orchard tea garden, garden, greenhouses, nursery stock and farm crops such as weeding;

2, compared to the traditional weeding eliminates the repeated mowing, especially in the summer when the strong growth of vegetation can be a one-time weeding, no longer repeated, saving manpower and material resources;

3, this section mowing machine machine operation is more simple, flexible, lightweight, practical, orchard tillage machine can not enter the area, it is easy to enter, and weeding more clean, more fuel efficient. Family women can be easily used; work efficiency is 6-10 times the artificial or so;

4, the machine weeding wheels can be deep into the soil, the weeds can be completely hoe off, but also can play the effect of soil; another into the summer, the fruit soil surface growth of the root, and this depth just hurt To crop roots

Machine use: 1. Note: The two-stroke is a mixture of gasoline and 2-blender oil, mixed with 25: 1 ratio (must be two-stroke oil). Four-stroke burning pure gasoline, gasoline and oil have a separate fuel tank, respectively, can be added.

2. start step together: first: open the handle on the hit NO, then press 4-6 under the carburetor on the oil bubble, let the oil up to see the tubing in the oil out, you can Two steps. Second: the cold throttle off (pull up), hand pull the launcher, a little pull, and then quickly pull the starter device, you can send a machine, issued, then the damper open (down to play) , Or do not open, the fuel door is to turn off the fire.

Lawn mower, lawn trimmer and so on. The weeding machine is a mechanical tool for pruning the lawn orchard tea garden crops, vegetation and so on. It is composed of a cutterhead, an engine, a running wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail and a control part. The cutterhead is mounted on the running wheel, the engine is mounted on the cutterhead, the output shaft of the engine is equipped with blades, and the blade uses the engine to rotate at high speed to improve the speed, which saves the worker's working time and reduces the amount of human resources.