Reaper In Two Cases

Reaper In two cases

Harvester is a new type of agricultural equipment, in recent years, in rural areas has been widely promoted and applied, it came out instead of the traditional hand-breaking corn, greatly reducing the labor intensity of farmers friends. Mechanical equipment after a long period of production operations, more or less there will be some failure, the harvester is no exception. In order to enable the majority of users to make better use of good harvesters, the company's experts to sum up the summary of the harvesters common troubleshooting methods to teach you:

 First, the engine can not start

    The engine can not start in two cases: ① start the motor can turn. Troubleshooting steps: first check whether the fuel, and then check the diesel filter is blocked, if the filter for more than 400h, should be replaced. Finally check the oil and water separator is water. ② start the motor can not turn. Troubleshooting steps: check the main speed controller is in the "stop" position, if not, because the role of the safety start switch, the engine can not start; and then open the start switch, the alarm sound if the small, indicating that the battery is not electricity. And then check the total fuse and the circuit fuse is blown.

  Second, the alarm issued intermittent ringing

    Troubleshooting steps: ① View the dashboard. If the load indicator flashes, indicating overload, to determine whether the appropriate location of threshing depth. And then check whether the cutter is worn, and then check the threshing room dust, the threshing chamber guide adjustment handle transferred to the "standard" or "open" position; if the grain indicator light flashes, indicating that the container box is full; if the threshing indicator light flashes , Indicating that the re-screening of the screw shaft is blocked. Stop the harvest, and the harvest and threshing clutch handle into the "off" position, remove the screw at the grain and straw. ② view the water temperature table. If the water temperature table in the "H" position, indicating that the water temperature is high. Stop the harvest, and the corn harvester threshing clutch handle into the "off" position, check the cooling water; check the fan belt is loose; check the cooling water tank and oil cooler, remove the adhesion of foreign body. ⑧ view threshing depth control switch. If the threshing depth control switch flashing, indicating that the sensor is stalked or weed, should remove the straw or weed.

  Third, the crop was not cut off and was overwhelmed

    Troubleshooting steps: ① turn off the engine, check the cutter or transport department is a foreign matter. ② check the harvest drive belt, harvest clutch handle in the "together" position, the spring length of 102mm. ③ Check whether the conveyor section is blocked, sub-Wo board front-end adjustment for the same height, lodging crop harvest, do not make the sub-Wo plate inserted into the plant. ④ may also be too fast to move forward, should be the appropriate speed of harvest.