Reaper Thorough And Thorough Inspection

Reaper Thorough and thorough inspection

Check the use of all the pulleys, sprockets, tension pulleys and belts, conveyor belts, chains and working conditions of the corn harvester, and can not be used for replacement. Chain to oil, lubricated and then equipped. After the harvester, the belt and the conveyor belt should be washed with oil and coated with talcum powder, or placed in a relaxed state. Playing butter and lubricating the bearing and moving parts of the work and lubrication conditions, conduct a thorough and thorough inspection, bad parts to be re-adjusted or replaced, and according to the instructions required to add enough oil.

Both hands were pinch the inner and outer rings, so that in the radial and axial to do relative movement, there should be no sense of gap, a larger bearing can feel the gap, but no metal impact sound. After the completion of the above inspection and decided to purchase, the hardness test with spring spring oil seal spring should be no corrosion, no deformation, spring tight in the lip without loosening, if the oil seal is not correct shape, defects, elasticity, lip thickness is not Are, spring corrosion and other phenomena, indicating the quality of substandard.

Corn harvester oil pump diaphragm can be used to layer by layer patch coating method; or oil cloth, plastic film cut into pieces, caught in the diaphragm used. If the oil pump inside the rocker arm, outer rocker clearance is too large, can be metal, wire or cork plug in the gap, and with fine wire tied firmly.

    When the corn harvester is working, the drum is not broken because the drum speed is too low, the gap is too large, the crop feeding amount is too large or the feeding is not uniform; the nail, the grating and the concave plate are over- Reduced, or concave plate deformation caused by threshing is not clean; harvest time is too early, the crop is too moist, threshing difficult, resulting in threshing is not clean.

When the corn harvester is running, it is forbidden to be close to the rotating parts, and no one is behind the rotary tiller to prevent the blade from throwing. Operation, such as the knife shaft should be too much time to stop cleaning, so as not to increase the machine load. Rotary tillage, tractor and suspension part are not allowed to take people to prevent inadvertent rotary tiller damage Rotary cultivator is relatively large, more prominent part of the body, on the road, should be low speed, strict compliance with road traffic rules , In order to avoid scraping, rubbing, touching, collision and other accidents.

The adjustment of the upper and lower crop is done by adjusting the screw of the lift frame. Before harvest, first adjust the knife to contact the soil in the air, and then lock the screw to stop cutting a section to see the situation can be suitable for cutting, if not appropriate, and then stop the adjustment to reach the request to start harvesting. As the harvester is the right side of the feed, in the field harvest, the efficiency of the harvest method is to reap the circle of circular harvest.