Rice and Wheat Reaper Binder/Sesame Harvester and Binder

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Portable Harvester

  • Application:Cotton, Rice, Corn, Fruit, Wheat, Soybean, Straw

  • Power Source:Diesel

  • Application Field:Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture

  • Color:as Require

  • Price:Reasonable

  • Operate:Easy

  • Quality:Best

  • Platform:Vertical

Product Description
Rice and Wheat Reaper Binder/Sesame harvester and binder

Characteristic of sesame harvester reaper binder machine
This kind of Rice & wheat Reaper Binder Machine:
1. Compact structure
2. Small volume
3. Easy to operate, Flexible steering
4. Self-equipped engine
5. Can moving, control crops, harvest, bind and place the crops automatically.

Specifications sesame harvester reaper binder machine
1. The machine equipped with 2+1 compound gearbox and tension wheel clutch, variable speed flexible and easy to move.
2. Hydraulic outlay Cutting-Platform oil supply system,
3. The crop supporting system used tilting convey finger transmission, have significant effect to transmit and harvest the tilting and lodging crops.
4. It's with transformation differential device, slewing flexible. Adapt to harvest crops in different terrain.
5. Can adjustable handle and optional gears suitable for different people.

Using sesame harvester reaper binder machine
Adapt crop height: 700-1200mm, Grain moisture content: Wheat12%-22%, rice15%
-28%. If not the same as above describe will affected the harvest effect.
Model 4K-50
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 2090*810*1000mm
Net weight 240kg
Reaping width 50cm
Reaping type Reciprocating
Platform Vertical
Transmission type Belt and transmission shaft
Type of binding rope Plastic rope
Binding type Automatic mechanical type
Grain lifting type Chain wheel
Binding rate> 95%
Stubble height<100mm
Productivity 0.1-0.2hm
Loss rate < 1%
Engine output 3-4.05kW
Engine fuel consumption 8kg/ hm
Function Reap and bind of the paddy or wheat