Rice/Wheat Harvester Reaper (4GL-160)

Rice/Wheat Harvester Reaper (4GL-160) Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:4GL-160

  • Type:Horizontal Cut Harvester

  • Application:Rice, Wheat, Soybean

  • Power Source:Tractor

  • Harvest method:Cutting

  • Reaper Drive Type:Gear Drive

  • Transmission:Hard Shaft

  • Portable Harvester Type:Side Hanging Type

  • Reaper Certification:ISO9001:2008

  • Color:Red

  • Condition:New

  • Reaper Application Field:Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:84333000

Rice/Wheat Harvester Reaper (4GL-160) Product Description

Match with 20-35HP four-wheel tractors, use of power take-off and landing-pulley transmission output side, reasonable design, compact structure, easy operation, good operating performance widely applicable to the agronomic requirements of different regions.

Fixed power:  20~35 HP four-wheel tractors
Breadth:         1600mm
Efficiency:       0.8-1 hm/h
Overall size(L*W*G)  1.57*1.0. *0.54(m)
Total weight:    170kg
Lay out form:    Sideward in rows


Rice/Wheat Harvester Reaper (4GL-160).jpg