Walking Mini Paddy & Wheat Reaper

Walking Mini Paddy & Wheat Reaper Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 4G100, 4G120A

  • Specification: ISO9001

  • HS Code: 84335990

  • Origin: China

Walking Mini Paddy & Wheat Reaper Product Description

The mini wheat and rice cutting shining machine of 4G-86/4G-120 has simple and reasonable structure, which is convenient for maintenance, with the advantages of small volume, light weight, low energy consumption, stable performance, good reliability and strong applicability, etc. It is especially ideal for cutting rice, wheat, soybean and reed, at the small, mountainous and hill area, and the areas that take advantage of straws.

This machine finishes cutting for 2.5mu land every hour, with the oil consumption of 1kg, which is 20 times of the manual one.

Model Walking Mini Paddy & Wheat Reaper
Type of Cutting table Vertical-Typed
Cutting width (mm) 1200
Min Cutting Height(mm) ≥50
Placing type Sidewise & Banded Placed
Productivity (M2) 2400-2700
Overall Dimensions(mm) (L*W*H) 2200*1600*1100
Total Weight (kg) around 210
Matched Power (kw) 3.64 (4.5 HP)
Teeth Space (mm) 127
Running speed of crank (r/min) 550
Diameter of star wheel (mm) 280
Working speed (km/h) 2.6~3.6
Chain speed (m/s) 2.24
Number of Operator 1

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